Deidre Randall

cultural catalyst, songwriter, poet

Deidre Randall is a singer, a songwriter, chicken rancher, poet, mother and wife, who is addicted to both English Breakfast Tea with milk and ginger ale with ice, depending upon the weather. She’s been writing songs, poems, plays, short fiction for as long as she can remember. Her songs help her make sense of the world around and the world within.

Lots of fun live shows to share with the seacoast NH/ME community, and radio shows with Portsmouth Community Radio  and Prescott Park Arts Festival to share with the world, Summer 2015! My new band mates, Joe Rogers and Adam Kelley and I will be joined by special guests at various shows. Click here for details!

The Dock

Happy 4th of July! “The Dock,” was written in response to my drummer’s story of witnessing a fireworks display that torched a dock. Hopefully that won’t happen again this year. Songs from Dig are available on iTunes, as well as through CDs are also available directly from Deidre if you want one signed!


First review of Dig by Chris Hislop in The Sound – our fantastic new weekly newspaper! 

Deidre Randall’s storied career in the Seacoast NH spans decades. Along the way, she’s earned numerous accolades for her music and poetry. READ MORE…

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